How Home Automation Boosts Home Value In The Short And Long Term

The advent of artificial intelligence and wireless communication, the improvements in computing power, and the proliferation of smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablets has had enormous influence on a wide variety of sectors.

The housing market has not been left behind as more and smarter technology is being incorporated into houses.

As it currently stands, homeowners can installed automation system that allows them to remotely control their HVAC, their lights (switching on and off the lights), the open and close the curtains and blinds right from their mobile devices. This is undoubtedly fascinating in every sense.

However, for many homeowners, the main question is whether the addition of automation systems in their homes will improve the value of their properties.

The Consumer Electronics Associations and the National Association of Home Builders have reported that adding home automation systems will increase the value of a property by as much as 3 to 5 times.

Herein we will explore the various ways automation boosts the value of a home.

Improve Security And Safety

Any investment that improves the security and safety of a home has traditionally boosted the value of a home. This assertion remains true in the case of new home automation technology. Some of the technology that improves the security and safety of a home, and, therefore boosts the value of your home include:

Smart Door Locks

With a smart lock, you do not need to carry keys with you. All you need is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled device that you can program to gain access to your home. Moreover, the smart locks come with cameras that allow you to monitor your doors even when you are across the globe.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can be used to give the impression that there are people in the house, even when everyone is away. For instance, you can use motion sensors, and programmable schedule lighting to switch light and off to give the impression that the homeowners are at home. This negates the chances of a break in.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Home automation systems that control your lighting and the various appliances have been found to increase the value of properties quite tremendously. These technologies include

Smart Lighting Technology – Smart lighting technology that allows you to control your lights far more effectively than you would manually, thereby decreasing your overall energy use.

You can program your lights to turn off as soon as you walk out of the doors for work. You can program to turn off lights in the various rooms, not in use.

You can also program the lights to glow dimly instead of brightly in places where you just need a little light. All these options will play a role in lowering your energy bill.

Smart Thermostat

While there have been complex and programmable thermostats on the market for decades now, the new range of smart thermostats far outperform their older counterparts.

Smart thermostats not only use learning algorithms, but they also incorporate data from the weather service as well as data garnered by other smart home devices. As such, they are not only reliant on temperature triggers to control the HVAC.

This means they can precisely control the HVAC system and, therefore, perform in a far more energy efficient manner.

By improving the energy efficiency and the security and safety of your home, you boost the resell value tremendously. As such, you can recoup the investments made at the very least. However, there is a potential to make a profit from your efforts to add home automation systems.

Do note that the value addition and the recoupment of the investment made when installing home automation systems are case-by-case dependent.

As such, while you stand to boost your home value by installing home automation technology, the extent of added value is not universal. For instance, you should expect to add more value to your home by investing in a whole-house automation system as opposed installing a Nest thermostat.

Finally, aside from the monetary boost in the price of your home, you also stand to sell your home much fasters when you put it on the market. A home with automation system will attract more buyers faster.

This reduces the cost of liquidating the house as it will typically spend less time on the market.

The Significant Importance Of Flood Alarms And Flood Monitoring

Whenever you are dealing with any type of flooding situation, you are going to want to be sure that you are fully aware of any potential implications. Flooding can be a disaster even when dealt with promptly.

However, those that are able to minimize the negative effects of flooding have a much better chance of coming out ahead. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of installing flood alarms and flood monitoring solutions within your home.

Importance Of Flood Alarms And Flood Monitoring:

  • Prevent Issues

One of the main reasons you are going to want to have this type of thing installed in your home is the ability to really detect issues prior to them becoming a full-blown problem, to begin with.

By being able to detect issues prior to them spiraling out of control, you will be able to effectively prevent them from really turning into a mess. Because you are going to be able to place all kinds of monitoring sensors throughout your plumbing systems, you will be able to be alerted to whenever one of them goes off.

Importance Of Flood Alarms And Flood Monitoring

This alone is going to allow you to prevent things from getting worse prior to you ever knowing about the issue. Without these sensors in place, you are simply going to be in the dark to the potential disasters that might be occurring throughout your home.

  • Prevent Mold

One of the main reasons you want to deal with any sort of water damage immediately is to effectively handle and minimize the chances of experiencing water damage and mold.

Mold stems from untreated water damage and it can spread quickly. Therefore, the best way to combat it would be to get the flooding issues handled as soon as possible.

By installing flood monitoring sensors and systems in your home, you are going to be able to much more effectively prevent mold from spreading throughout your home due to having untreated water damage in it.

  • Automatic Shutoff

Another good thing that you are going to be able to get with the right flood monitoring system installed and in place would be the ability to have things get shut off automatically.

A lot of the systems that you will find on the market are smart enough to recognize when you might be experiencing a flooding event which can help to cut off the water directly at its source.

This alone can save you a lot of potential money and headache considering it is going to effectively limit the amount of damage that is done. Along with this, it can help to prevent further issues from cropping up due to the flooding.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons you should be considering investing in this type of alarm and monitoring systems in your home.

Not only is it going to position you well to be able to handle various flooding circumstances, but it is a great way to protect yourself from suffering massive damages due to flooding or leaks that you may otherwise not even know about.

How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a Security System

Security systems are necessary for our homes, in this day and age. However, many of us may feel as if a security system is out of the budget. Fortunately, it is absolutely possible to use a smartphone as a security system.

In this article, we will share just how you can use your old phone to keep watch over your home and ensure its protection.

Download a Reputable Home Security Application

There are a number of applications that can be installed on your smartphone to serve as a home security system. For this article, we will assume that you are using an Android device.

Use the Google PlayStore to find an application such as Home Security Camera, DIY CCTV, Perch, and the like. Fortunately, most of these apps are free of charge. Once your chosen security app is downloaded and installed, set up your account.

If you are using an iOS device, applications like Presence and iCam may work for you (both are also available for those using Android devices).

Select a Position for Your Camera

This is a step that will require you to make some considerations. You will want to make sure that where you mount your security camera will give you the best view of the room you want to keep an eye on.

Most individuals who use their smartphone as a security system mount their phone in a room that holds a number of valuables or outside their front door.

One word of caution – it’s a good idea to place your smartphone in such a way that it is not too easy to spot by others. Also, since your phone is going to be used for 24/7 home security, you are going to want to position it close to a power source.

Mount Your Camera

Once you have settled on where to position your smartphone while it serves your home security needs, it’s time to place it.

You can use a tripod to rest your new home security camera on or improvise and use something you have already to balance and hold your smartphone. Just make sure that you use something sturdy so that your phone will stay put, and not end up falling and breaking.

Again, make sure that where you decide to place your smartphone is near a power source. It should be able to be plugged in to stay working and give you the view of your home that you are hoping for.

One thing we like about Perch – once you have an account set up with this application, you can log into all of your devices simultaneously.

That means you can use an old smartphone as your security system while using your current one to check in with what is going on at your house. In addition, you can switch audio on and off, as well as flip your view from the camera located on the back of your phone to the front of the smartphone easily.

Benefits Of Home Security Systems To Your Community

The primary reason for getting a home security system is to keep your family safe. It is essential since burglars and malicious people may want to invade your privacy and home security serves as an effective deterrence to their moves.

However, the benefits of a well laid out security system stretch further than your home looking at how it can help your community. Did you know that your alarm system does not discourage burglars from invading your home only as it also keeps the surrounding areas safe?

In a nutshell, home security systems have several benefits to the community. Read on and find out how;

Exterior Cameras Improve Surveillance

Having several exterior surveillance cameras helps to capture more than just a single home. In most cases, they can capture what is happening on the streets and some parts of the neighboring property.

This helps to keep your home safe while allowing you to monitor what is happening in that part of the community. If a criminal goes to steal a neighbor’s item in their compound and use a path that is covered by your camera, the footage can be reconciled and the person identified.

A neighborhood that is full of security cameras makes it easy to identify malicious people, and this reduces the likelihood of crime.

Criminals Are Discouraged

Someone who goes to commit a crime in a new area will be discouraged to do so if they find out that most homes have security features.

Some things such as surveillance cameras can be seen, but a criminal can imagine that the house must have several other security features aside from that.

They will think that watch programs and security dogs are in the area and this thought only plays a huge role in reducing the occurrence of crimes.

Helps to Catch Criminals

In some cases, crimes happen even with the presence of these security features and police officers are tasked with identifying the perpetrators.

Home security systems are a valuable asset to these officers when investigating the crime and trying to identify the person who committed the crime. If they cannot get a clear view of the suspect, they can get an idea of their gender, body weight and other particulars, things that will expedite the investigation process.

Peace of Mind

It is hard to live in an area that is insecure since you do not know when burglars will come to your property.

Having a home security system keeps your neighborhood safe and contributes to the overall safety of the community. If burglars cannot come to your area due to the presence of various home security systems, the place will be safe, and you will live there with some peace of mind.

You won’t be worried about some items you left in your yard even during the night since the likeliness of a crime happening is very minimal.

Do not let the stress associated with living in an unsafe area disturb you by installing a home security system. It has been seen that it does not only serve your family but also has benefits that extend to your entire community.

Always find a reliable home security company (we recommend Home Security Land) that will cater to your needs and install systems that will ensure your property and community is safe from criminals.

4 Tips To Protect Yourself from Surveillance

Are you worried about the constant government surveillance and want to break out of this trap? It is as if you are under the scanner all the time and being followed by the government officials even if you are not a criminal.

Not just the government, there are hackers everywhere taking note of your every move and the moment you slip, they will pounce on you. This has bothered everyone and you can do something about this. Follow the tips given below and can escape the surveillance for good:

Cover laptop camera with a sticker

Remember that Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour” that showed the ugly side of global surveillance after the 9/11 attacks? It shows how Edward Snowden cracked the NSA spying scandal and became both famous and infamous in the society.

Well, that is a living example of how clever the tech guys can be. They have the ability to constantly spy on your through the camera in your laptop. You may have used the camera to video-chat with your friends and family but that can turn out to be a surveillance camera. So, always cover the camera with a sticker and use it only when you need it.

Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Geolocation off

It is a common practice for many to keep their geolocation and wi-fi on even when they are not in use. This is the easiest way to fall into the surveillance trap because you will be constantly monitored as your location can be tracked down very easily.

Moreover, it is always wise to use the Bluetooth only when you need to listen to songs or transfer a file to someone. Keeping these three features on, on your mobile will make it easier to track your location.

Always use private web browsing feature

The location of every individual can be tracked down with the IP address on their computer. This is another secret that was revealed by Edward Snowden. No matter what you do, the tech experts can tell what you searched for on the web, the exact location, the website you visited, and what you downloaded.

That is why it is always wise to use private web browsing. You must be aware of the incognito mode in the different search engines. Make full use of that. It does not reveal the IP address when you search anything on the web. Make sure you do the same thing when you are using your mobile. Make it a habit to use the incognito mode and you can escape the surveillance easily.

Encrypted communication

There are lots of messaging applications that have come up that provide the end-to-end encryption of the messages. This means, your conversation with another person will be safe in your mobile. No surveillance will be able to break that encryption. Try to use such applications that guarantee full encryption of the messages.

It is not easy to bypass the surveillance trap but you can definitely try your best by following the tips mentioned above. They will ensure that you are not easy to track down.