4 Tips To Protect Yourself from Surveillance

Are you worried about the constant government surveillance and want to break out of this trap? It is as if you are under the scanner all the time and being followed by the government officials even if you are not a criminal.

Not just the government, there are hackers everywhere taking note of your every move and the moment you slip, they will pounce on you. This has bothered everyone and you can do something about this. Follow the tips given below and can escape the surveillance for good:

Cover laptop camera with a sticker

Remember that Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour” that showed the ugly side of global surveillance after the 9/11 attacks? It shows how Edward Snowden cracked the NSA spying scandal and became both famous and infamous in the society.

Well, that is a living example of how clever the tech guys can be. They have the ability to constantly spy on your through the camera in your laptop. You may have used the camera to video-chat with your friends and family but that can turn out to be a surveillance camera. So, always cover the camera with a sticker and use it only when you need it.

Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Geolocation off

It is a common practice for many to keep their geolocation and wi-fi on even when they are not in use. This is the easiest way to fall into the surveillance trap because you will be constantly monitored as your location can be tracked down very easily.

Moreover, it is always wise to use the Bluetooth only when you need to listen to songs or transfer a file to someone. Keeping these three features on, on your mobile will make it easier to track your location.

Always use private web browsing feature

The location of every individual can be tracked down with the IP address on their computer. This is another secret that was revealed by Edward Snowden. No matter what you do, the tech experts can tell what you searched for on the web, the exact location, the website you visited, and what you downloaded.

That is why it is always wise to use private web browsing. You must be aware of the incognito mode in the different search engines. Make full use of that. It does not reveal the IP address when you search anything on the web. Make sure you do the same thing when you are using your mobile. Make it a habit to use the incognito mode and you can escape the surveillance easily.

Encrypted communication

There are lots of messaging applications that have come up that provide the end-to-end encryption of the messages. This means, your conversation with another person will be safe in your mobile. No surveillance will be able to break that encryption. Try to use such applications that guarantee full encryption of the messages.

It is not easy to bypass the surveillance trap but you can definitely try your best by following the tips mentioned above. They will ensure that you are not easy to track down.

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