How Home Automation Boosts Home Value In The Short And Long Term

The advent of artificial intelligence and wireless communication, the improvements in computing power, and the proliferation of smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablets has had enormous influence on a wide variety of sectors.

The housing market has not been left behind as more and smarter technology is being incorporated into houses.

As it currently stands, homeowners can installed automation system that allows them to remotely control their HVAC, their lights (switching on and off the lights), the open and close the curtains and blinds right from their mobile devices. This is undoubtedly fascinating in every sense.

However, for many homeowners, the main question is whether the addition of automation systems in their homes will improve the value of their properties.

The Consumer Electronics Associations and the National Association of Home Builders have reported that adding home automation systems will increase the value of a property by as much as 3 to 5 times.

Herein we will explore the various ways automation boosts the value of a home.

Improve Security And Safety

Any investment that improves the security and safety of a home has traditionally boosted the value of a home. This assertion remains true in the case of new home automation technology. Some of the technology that improves the security and safety of a home, and, therefore boosts the value of your home include:

Smart Door Locks

With a smart lock, you do not need to carry keys with you. All you need is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled device that you can program to gain access to your home. Moreover, the smart locks come with cameras that allow you to monitor your doors even when you are across the globe.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can be used to give the impression that there are people in the house, even when everyone is away. For instance, you can use motion sensors, and programmable schedule lighting to switch light and off to give the impression that the homeowners are at home. This negates the chances of a break in.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Home automation systems that control your lighting and the various appliances have been found to increase the value of properties quite tremendously. These technologies include

Smart Lighting Technology – Smart lighting technology that allows you to control your lights far more effectively than you would manually, thereby decreasing your overall energy use.

You can program your lights to turn off as soon as you walk out of the doors for work. You can program to turn off lights in the various rooms, not in use.

You can also program the lights to glow dimly instead of brightly in places where you just need a little light. All these options will play a role in lowering your energy bill.

Smart Thermostat

While there have been complex and programmable thermostats on the market for decades now, the new range of smart thermostats far outperform their older counterparts.

Smart thermostats not only use learning algorithms, but they also incorporate data from the weather service as well as data garnered by other smart home devices. As such, they are not only reliant on temperature triggers to control the HVAC.

This means they can precisely control the HVAC system and, therefore, perform in a far more energy efficient manner.

By improving the energy efficiency and the security and safety of your home, you boost the resell value tremendously. As such, you can recoup the investments made at the very least. However, there is a potential to make a profit from your efforts to add home automation systems.

Do note that the value addition and the recoupment of the investment made when installing home automation systems are case-by-case dependent.

As such, while you stand to boost your home value by installing home automation technology, the extent of added value is not universal. For instance, you should expect to add more value to your home by investing in a whole-house automation system as opposed installing a Nest thermostat.

Finally, aside from the monetary boost in the price of your home, you also stand to sell your home much fasters when you put it on the market. A home with automation system will attract more buyers faster.

This reduces the cost of liquidating the house as it will typically spend less time on the market.

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