How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a Security System

Security systems are necessary for our homes, in this day and age. However, many of us may feel as if a security system is out of the budget. Fortunately, it is absolutely possible to use a smartphone as a security system.

In this article, we will share just how you can use your old phone to keep watch over your home and ensure its protection.

Download a Reputable Home Security Application

There are a number of applications that can be installed on your smartphone to serve as a home security system. For this article, we will assume that you are using an Android device.

Use the Google PlayStore to find an application such as Home Security Camera, DIY CCTV, Perch, and the like. Fortunately, most of these apps are free of charge. Once your chosen security app is downloaded and installed, set up your account.

If you are using an iOS device, applications like Presence and iCam may work for you (both are also available for those using Android devices).

Select a Position for Your Camera

This is a step that will require you to make some considerations. You will want to make sure that where you mount your security camera will give you the best view of the room you want to keep an eye on.

Most individuals who use their smartphone as a security system mount their phone in a room that holds a number of valuables or outside their front door.

One word of caution – it’s a good idea to place your smartphone in such a way that it is not too easy to spot by others. Also, since your phone is going to be used for 24/7 home security, you are going to want to position it close to a power source.

Mount Your Camera

Once you have settled on where to position your smartphone while it serves your home security needs, it’s time to place it.

You can use a tripod to rest your new home security camera on or improvise and use something you have already to balance and hold your smartphone. Just make sure that you use something sturdy so that your phone will stay put, and not end up falling and breaking.

Again, make sure that where you decide to place your smartphone is near a power source. It should be able to be plugged in to stay working and give you the view of your home that you are hoping for.

One thing we like about Perch – once you have an account set up with this application, you can log into all of your devices simultaneously.

That means you can use an old smartphone as your security system while using your current one to check in with what is going on at your house. In addition, you can switch audio on and off, as well as flip your view from the camera located on the back of your phone to the front of the smartphone easily.

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